Section Vascular plants

Information Systems and Projects


A Site with Information on the Biodiversity of Melastomataceae

JSTOR Global Plants in Munich

JSTOR Global Plants is an international collaboration aiming to digitize and make available plant type specimens, together with other botanical resources, for scholarly purposes

Internet Portals with Data of the Botanische Staatssammlung München

INCT – Herbário Virtual da Flora e dos Fungos


Flora Malesiana

Website Euphorbiaceae of Malesia by Peter C. van Welzen (editor)


Araceae have long been a focus of research at the Munich herbaria (M and MSB) and botanical garden. This ancient family of monocots comprises 117 genera and 4,100 to 5,400 species.

Flora of Munich

The project “Flora of Munich” started 2006 at the Bavarian State Collection for Botany, initiated by the curator Dr. Franz Schuhwerk, who sadly passed away in 2013, and supported by the Bavarian Botanical Society.

Flora Silvae Gabretae – Flora of the Böhmerwald – Květena Šumavy

The Flora Silvae Gabretae (or Flora of the Bohemian Forest) is a biologically unique area of Central Europe, which deserves special attention in the research and documentation of its biodiversity and its protection.

Flora of Bavaria

The initiative “Flora of Bavaria” exists for more than 150 years. The aim is to describe all vascular plants including naturally occurring, newly naturalized, invasive, but also extinct species.