Training is offered for postgraduate students (with a bachelor or master degree). By working alongside staff and assisting in a wide variety of tasks, students will gain working experience in

  • Herbarium management (administration work and services)
  • Plant and fungus collecting, drying, and pressing
  • Identification of selected plants and fungi using diagnostic characteristics and keys (including on-line resources)
  • Handling, filing and arrangement of herbarium specimens
  • Biodiversity research based on literature, specimen labels, and other data
  • Research involving molecular phylogenetics, chromosomes, or microscopic analyses of anatomical structures
  • Digitisation and georeferencing of herbarium specimens including use of relevant databases (DiversityCollection, DiversityAgents)
  • Data curation for online projects, e. g. Flora von BayernGBIF and The Mycology.Net

Period: The training comprises 6–8 weeks, and starting dates are decided on individually.
How to arrive: See Getting Here.
Expenses: Daily travel expenses can be compensated.
Contact: Dr. Andreas Beck.

Working experience (Report by M. Goetz).

Training material

The New York Botanical Garden presented by Dr. Barbara M. Thiers