Lola Montez (Elizabeth Rosanna Gilbert)

Lola Montez, Countess of Landsfeld, was born in Ireland in 1821 and lived in Bavaria between 1846 and 1848. She died in New York in 1861. The Botanische Staatssammlung houses 330 specimens of common alpine plants she collected during a trip to the mountains near Bern (Switzerland), such as Ajuga pyramidalisAlchemilla alpigenaArabis alpinaArnica montanaEriophorum scheuchzeriGentiana acaulisGentiana asclepiadeaGentiana purpureaHieracium intybaceumHieracium villosumHordeum vulgareLeontopodium alpinumMedicago lupulinaMinuartia sedoidesPolystichum lonchitisRhododendron ferrugineum, and Senecio doronicum. Lola Montez gave her collections to the Munich herbarium in 1846, apparently shortly after her arrival in the city the same year. Portraits, as well as popular and scientific information in German and English can be found on numerous websites.