Dr. Hans-Joachim Esser

Section Vascular plants

Bavarian State Collection for Botany

Research Scientist and Curator of Vascular Plants

Phone: +49-(0)89-17861-264
Email: esser@snsb.de

Scientific Representative of the Library

Research Interests

Flora of the Southeast-Asian tropics and of the Neotropics.
Systematics of Araliaceae (in particular Brassaiopsis and Dendropanax), Euphorbiaceae (in particular CrotonEuphorbia and tribe Hippomaneae), Polyosmaceae, and Rutaceae (in particular Glycosmis).
The botanical collections of C.F.P. von Martius (Brazil), P.F. von Siebold (Japan) and C.C. Hosseus (Thailand).

Current projects

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