PD Dr. Andreas Beck

Section Bryophytes , Section Lichens

Bavarian State Collection for Botany

Deputy Director of the Botanische Staatssammlung München

Phone: +49-(0)89-17861-266
Email: beck@snsb.de

Research Scientist and Curator of Lichens and Bryophytes
Scientific Head of the Laboratory

Research interests

Research emphasis is the systematics of and coevolution between the algal and fungal partners of lichen associations. To investigate these relationships ecological and evolutionary aspects are considered, employing molecular, morphological and physiological techniques. Lichen resynthesis experiments are conducted to compare the results obtained in the field with those using standardized laboratory conditions. Current projects

  • Collections online
  • Global Plants Initiative
  • Photobiont distribution in lichens (especially Lecanoromycetes)
  • Phylogenetic analysis of lichen photobionts
  • Group I intron phylogeny in (lichen) algae
  • Interaction of microcolonial fungi with lichen algae
  • Heavy metal tolerance in lichens and plants
  • IAL International Association for Lichenology (editorial management of the web site)
  • The Mycology.Net An Internet portal presenting information about diversity of fungi [report in German language, reference see DALI ] (content management)
  • The Phycology.Net An Internet portal presenting information about diversity of algae (content management)


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